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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

No brownies....

...were found Saturday.  Not 'cause they weren't available but because we just sopped looking.  Meghan and I went out on aloop I laid out, me on a loaner Spooky from ReGroup Coffee and Bikes, she on her Trek Silque.  A friend of ours is part-owner in the shop and in an effort to get more out on the local roads, he asked if I'd like to try their 'cross/gravel ride.

The route was simple - weave through some hills, hit some canal paths...MAYBE pop on some singletrack - and ended at a local bakery.  I was doing okay considering I was on a bike I wasn't really set-up for.  I'd measured some pieces but in a hurry, all I did was set the saddle height and didn't really look at much else.  The bike felt tight like the cockpit was too short.  I adjusted the saddle back but that was all I could do really.  The handlebars were too narrow for my shoulders but I couldn't fix that.  Still I pedaled on.

Long and short on the bike, it is a great all-around 'cross bike.  If I were in the market for a full-on 'cross bike right now, I would definitely throw a leg permanently over one of the bikes I've lusted after ever since I saw them first at 'cross races on the East Coast.  It has really quick steering even with a 120mm stem.  The cornering agility was better than my Cervelo.  It feels like they took a great cross bike geometry, lowered the bottom bracket and made it fall somewhere between QUICK 'cross bike and FAST road bike.

My only complaints (other than the 60cm having a cockpit geometry of the early 2000's 'cross bikes) were the same things everyone feels with aluminum - it's STIFF when you gas it HARD but becomes a bit muted over long hauls. If I was feeling sluggish, all I had to do was man up, mash HARD and the bike was lively.

So....the brownies.  We are pedaling down some 'hood street, stopped and fixing to cross.  I see the sign at the church north of us, "Bake Sale".  "Wonder if they have brownies?!?!"....and i turn left.  Meghan follows and we wonder if these gals are nuns with their head garb.

I roll up and I'm greeted with smiles and nods.  I ask about brownies and the lady tells me that there are no brownies but ALL these treats are handmade by these Syrian women, refugees who have only been here a few months and are trying to settle into life at their new home. 

Kinda taken back, I congratulate and welcome them to America...and their new found safety.  They begin to explain what they have - LOTS of cookies and sweetbreads with dates & nuts.  Meghan and I spend $10 (at least) picking out everything with dates....and some with nuts.  We sit in the grass and chomp down as much as we can hold. 

Verdict - any cookie with dates made by these ladies are AWESOME!  Turns out, you can find out when to attend the next bake sale at

Go get some cookies!

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