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Friday, March 10, 2017

I'm not up early....

...and it was/was not intentional.  I had this plan to get up at 5:30 or 6 (the "standard" ride time for 95% of Arizona cyclists under 70).  The route was mapped - 30-something miles in Fountain Hills with a buttload of climbing.  Hill intervals.  I was going to do hill intervals.  I may still do em'.

I just stayed up too late....watching "Avalanche Sharks".  Aside from helping Josh learn that a 1.5" crown race won't work with 1.25" head tube....and polishing off a few Torpedoes, I accomplished very little last night.  Might have aggravated the neighbors by leaving Trunk-dog outside where he barked incessantly at the strange voice in the garage.  All he wanted to do was greet Josh...with more loud barks and possibly peeing.

I did nothing far as riding.  Rest day.  I did get out Wednesday.  I have found my perfect winter time ride - the Geezer Ride.  A bunch of guys, mostly ALL way older than me, way more retired...and for the most part, more fitter.  They gather about 3 miles away at a round-a-boot (...that's Canadian for "roundabout") and then head for a 30+ mile ride up Via Linda and back.

It's the same ride I did Saturday...for the most part.  They switched up part of the route, all new to me.  This time, with no hangover, I held on up Mountain View just fine....actually cruising in Zone 2 for a lot of it.  Through the twisties, up 128th to Via Linda.  When we made the right, I told my newly-made friend Dave that after Tuesday I wanted to "rest a bit" I was capping myself at Zone 4.5. 

I held on for about half the climb.

Crest the top, circle like vultures, head down.  Left and up Desert Cove, where I felt my alcohol content drop considerably on Saturday.  This time I fall in behind the guy who long-stared me on the way to the meet-up.  I'd already heard him talk and talk about all his climbing exploits since he got here from Florida.  I hold on to the top, feeling good...but I know I'm close to empty(ish).

Down and onto Via Linda, a train forms...but the lack of energy has me sitting more comfortable on the back, tail-gunning.  Well, tail-gunning is good for one thing - losing (unless you're sandbagging).  I wasn't paying attention.  A light changes.  I'm stuck with no train.

Edward and ???? are with me, we paceline to the bagel shop.  I learn world politics from the Jewish point-of-view (wrong or right) then we roll out.  Everyone else says goodbye, I go climb Hummingbird to get that extra little bit.  I feel good.

I'm kinda excited to ride.  Kinda not.  I'll put in a longer ride tomorrow...not sure what yet but I will.  Sunday will be spent in the Tucson slinging wheels at racers who don't know how to inflate their tires or dodge shit in the road.  Monday, I won't be in the mood to drive...but I will be in the mood to swap tires on the FrankenEpic.

The Vittoria Barzo's are gone.  The rear would be great for a road bike...although I'll admit it still does quite well.  While I'm down in Tucson, I'll swing by Sabino and grab up....something.  I'm still leaning towards narrower 2.1's.  However I know myself - when I see a 2.3 for the front, I'll want a 2.3.  The new Ground Control looks NICE - smaller knobs in the center, BIGGER on the edges.  The Fast Trak still looks like a tire to skate across ice....but so did the Barzo when I put em' on. 

Why not find more Barzos?  They wear out the rear anyway.  I'm running 28 psi consistently and less than a year later (??? how many hours or miles), it's near treadless.  The knobs are shredded up.  The front however looks pretty good.  I just want newer, better rubber before Whiskey, hopefully before I go up and pre-ride (at least) the 35 mile course next week.

I just looked at other Vittoria options...interesting.  Not sure what I want to do but I know I still have a bit of time, too. Enh.


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