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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Friday's Hills...

...were rougher than I expected.  I'll admit, I figured Fountain Hills is full of old people so the roads can't be that rough, can they?


The route I had laid out had some serious numbers but I figured I had it in me.  Two or three hard passes up some climbs then hit the Palisades Loop, taggin' in the Dixie Mine trailhead.


I felt okay but not awesome.  Like I said in the last post - beer, late night, general bullshittery with Josh.  I roll down my MMC and when I get to the last street named for a golfer (...yep, it's that white up there), I turn right...but not before some old dude on a Roubaix chops me off.

This is my first interval so...I hit it.  I won't see Capt. Roubaix again.  The road kicks up STEEP and I power through.  The idea was to sit in Zone 4 for 3 or 4 minutes.  And I did....recovery couldn't come soon enough.  I was so slow trying to calm down, I was able to get in the 2nd interval on the same road.

Turn right at the top, weave down to the next road I had marked and get lost.  Soon I find myself facing a 15-18% WALL.  I mash and just stay in it 'cause....why not do the last interval?

Up to the light, figure I'll go ahead and do the Palisades Loop.  I wanted to do a few 8 minute Zone 3 intervals....and I got em'.  Zone 3 was so easy to hit and blow past, I was creeping on anything up.  First one was done before I ever got to the HUGE 18% downhill.

Last one, I hit the button on Palisades Street (road? whatever...)  I was doing okay - HR was steady, legs were spinning good quick circles.  Finish it, turn around and all I wanna do is find the car.

So that was 6 days ago....and today after 3 more kinda "whatthehellisgoingon" rides, I realized - the pollen has been DUMPED on the desert!  Pollen stirs up histamines in me.  Histamines make me ache and think something BIG is wrong.  That makes me ride slower.  Riding slower pisses me off 'cause I've worked to get to this point.

Today...on ride #4, I realized the deal.  Only took 15 years to figure this out!!

Anyways, there were more rides.....worthy of separate posts: 

More to come.


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