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Friday, March 3, 2017

All the things I did wrong...

...on Monday have had time to fester in my head.  And linger in the ways of sore muscles, a lack of energy and just a lack of motivation to do much more than eat Nutella.  It wasn't like I BOTCHED the ride...'cause I had fun, rode well and felt good about being on the bike for a little over 7 hours and not hating the last 4.  There were things I coulda done better though:

Food: I shoulda ate more.  I shoulda figured out a way to have better access to my dates, gels...and maybe even brought something substantial for that halfway point.  But I didn't....just my own fault.  The last two rides (Wednesday's MTB ride and y'days' intervals on the road) made me realize I depleted my energy much so I have re-thought my plans to ride long this Monday.  The upside of the Monday ride's eating was proving to myself I can indeed make it on CarbRocket.  I'll finished FAMISHED....but I finished pretty strong.

Water: Not enough.  I started with a Camelbak with 2 liters.  At Canyon Lake, I still had 1.5 liters.  I dumped .5 a liter before we left...and I still had plenty when we got to the truck.  I did empty almost two bottles of CarboRocket on the way out....maybe 1.5 total.  On the way back, I had 2 more scoops in one bottle and the remnants of that .5 bottle filled with water.  Even still it was NOWHERE near enough - my pee told the story at home.

Looking ahead, I'm ditching the Camelbak on all but the longest rides.  If I do the Redington-San Pedro Tag route this month, I'll HAVE to carry it....and a full 3 liters of water.  I drink more when I'm relying on bottles. I despise the weight of that Camelbak.  The only other perk of it is extra storage....and with the impending rain that hovered nearby, an extra jacket was good. 

I could also buy one of those ever-popular amateur homeless person bags the bikepackers love.

I can stuff a shit-ton of dates in pocket #1, an extra bottle with CR in pocket #2, and my phone & various other small items in pocket #3. 

The bike did GREAT!  Running 60 front, 65 rear psi seemed to be a good balance.  My shoulders hurt less than they did at the Chino Recon.  I can't imagine changing a thing about the DiVerge.  I've stashed all the necessary stuff - SWAT box with tube, CO2, small lever & inflator....a saddle pack with another tube, tire boot, CO2, multi-tool, chain tool & quick link.  Some kinda pouch would be nice....but I've never been big on em'.

Pacing: I rode a cautious pace all day.  I wasn't sure if I had enough in me to complete the ride with a good pace but I knew I HAD to if I wanted to feel good about myself.  I climbed smooth....never really diggin' too deep except on the paved grunt from the marina.  I descended smart.  I knew the surface on this road could hide things under silt and the illusion of washboards. 

Will I go faster next time?  Oh hell yea!  I'm sure, with better eating habits, I could dig a little deeper on the climbs...maybe even ride harder on the descents.  I really wanna go back before Chino, even Whiskey, and shoot for a quicker ride, out AND back....maybe 1:45 out, 2:00 back?  Figure in 30 minutes at the marina...1 hour from Tortilla Flats...45 minutes back.  It should be a 6 hour day still...probably less.

Fitness:  I had ONE bad moment.  Fish Creek Hill was so steep for so the end of the day....that my back gave out.  It ached pretty bad, limiting my ability to dig any deeper.  I'll head for the gym more - more crunches and ab work.  More shoulder work, lower back and hips.  I could tell a big difference after what little work I did with my hips lately.

So what's next?  I had a BLAST riding PMP on the Epic I'm jonesing for more time on that bike.  I also enjoyed the technical trails, the steep nasty climbs and feel of a more capable bike.  So I'll likely do a long loop at Gateway.  As much as I wanna be ready for Chino, BWR & Tushar, I also have Whiskey 50 on my list. 

That ride Wednesday was good even if it started out poorly.  I pedaled the six miles from home to get there and I was NOT feeling too good.  I was queasy like I really needed more food, likely more food AFTER Apache Trail and the day after.  Anyways, I took my time and settled into a good pace.  Soon I found my legs were responding WELL and I was riding the chunky, loose stuff way better than I remember.  I ended up doing some climbs that I had only been down once before.  I cleaned one no problem.  The next one, I was held up by a hiker who seemed SO I made sure to talk to him as much as possible.  There was an abundance of folks with STINKING body spray - overpowering perfume that is worse than any body odor they could naturally produce.

Down to the flatter portions, weave through the switchback section....clean most of it but not all.  Hit Green Hill thinking I'd never been here before, get so excited to clean it all only to realize I'd done it quicker the first time out.  Enh.

Down the chunk trail across the wash from T100, have a BLAST....then head home.  I powered down so much food when I got home, I was sure I'd ruined dinner.

I didn't.

Yesterday I left out...and thoguht I'd turn around before I got too far.  I'd taken a pretty good fall while playing with the dog.  Flew through the air, landed on my chest and elbows.  I was pretty sore...but okay.  I pedaled the path to Mountain View and started the first of three Zone 3 intervals.

The first one went well.  It took 5 minutes to get into Zone 3, a sign of fatigue, but once there I was hammering well.  Up to Via Linda the wrong way, the second interval was firmly in Zone 3 & 4.  Rest after, climb Via Linda in a SMOOOTHHHH Zone 2 effort, spinning a high cadence (for me).  When the third interval chimed in, I HAMMERED back down Via Linda, mostly trying to catch a rider ahead of me....that I didn't catch.

Weaving back I felt good.  I motored on Mountain View just flowing with traffic.  I was stopped behind an SUV when I heard carbon wheels being stopped.  Some douchebag in a Carlos O'Briens kit was rolling through the turning intention of stopping til he glanced and saw I was GLARING at him.  He slowed and faked a piss-poor trackstand.

Light turns green, he lumbers off....and I roll beside him.  "How's it going" was all I muttered before digging hard.  Still maintaining a "smooth" pedal, I was soon in Zone 4 making sure this douche didn't draft or pass.  He didn't...but he did catch up at the next light.  Again, I lit it up!  I wouldn't see him again til I had turned off the main route.

So....yea.  Roadies.


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