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Monday, March 20, 2017

All the posts...

...that I intended to write didn't get written.  Here's a quick breakdown:

Saturday CycloBlogic Ride:   I jumped into the Cyclologic B-ride ' sounded like it might be fun.  The route was fun, the company was sketchy from the start...and the ride only got scary when ones up front just felt it was okay to BLAST around the pack, swerve all over the damn road or just choke up regardless of position in the pack.  I took the DiVerge 'cause I hadn't ridden it in awhile and I knew a big ride was coming.  That bike is so fun...

Didn't really ride for two days...

Sunday Wheel-Slinging:  a friend I worked with at Sabino Cycles puts on the road race portion of the Southern AZ Omnium.  He's always grasping for volunteers so Meghan and I head down to help.  Being I have a big truck, I offered to drive it around slingin' wheels at people who didn't have the brains to air up properly.  Get there, the direction of where to go and what to do is minimal....but it's not long my co-pilot is absconded to drive another car.  For three hours, I followed the Pro 1/2 race.  Nary a flat in the pack.

After 7 hours in the truck I was wasted come Monday.  Ended up swappin' on new treads to the FrankenEpic.  I finally just decided to go with the new Specialized Ground Controls, 2.3 all the way around.  As much as I say, "I want this to be a gravel-oriented mountain bike....for those harder days...for those..." blah blah blah....I'm falling back in love with riding trails.

While down in Tucson, I asked Darien, another co-worker from Sabino Cycles, how he deals with the long rides in the extreme heat.  His advice, "just ride easy in it" was heeded so I started on...

Tuesday Hot SingleSpeeds in the PMP:  this was gonna be one of those easy-ish romps through the rocks on the Juice.  I had started painting some new graphics on the FrankenEpic plus I really wanted to go rip on something different.  The Juice still had the 19 tooth on the rear, so "easy" for the heat and the warm-up before Weds.  I roll over, climb from Tatum up T100 pretty well....and then proceed to just ride the trails my vague memory has always thought, "that might be fun" but I'm usually on a mission to ride something else so I don't.

There's so much good trail out there....

Wednesday Pollen Puffin' & Happy Valley Climbin':  so intervals...and I know I need to do em'.  I also realized after it felt like my legs were shit on Tuesday that the pollen is floating and the air is histamine-inducing.  Which means there are unnecessary aches all over my body.  I set out, do a few sprint intervals that get lost in traffic.  I weave over to Thompson Peak and start my Z3 intervals - 12 minutes with Z4 surges every 1:30.  I'm doing okay up Thompson Peak...hit another batch up Pima...then turn on Happy Valley.  Just pedaling hurts - hard effort, no effort, slow, fast.  I finally recover as much as I'm going to time-wise and hit it again.  When I finally force my head to realize that it's just an allergic reaction and not my body falling apart, I pick up some momentum and good feelings.  I'm gonna be okay.

Post ride, I rest, eat and avoid the gym.  I knew Friday was gonna be tough....but I didn't know HOW tough.

Tough enough to get it's on post.


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